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Hassle-Free Mining

We take care of all hassles of mining so the average investor reaps great returns from Cryptocurrency Mining.


We resolve all issues investors face
when wanting to make returns on the crypto mining space.

Proper Assembly & Setup

How do I assemble the rigs? How should I put the GPUs in a way that minimizes equipment temperature? How do I know if the GPU is too hot? How much is too hot? How much is too cool? Am I overclocking the mining rate (Hash Rate) to the optimal level? Am I overclocking it too much, causing too much heat and frequent restarting? Am I putting the rig in a proper, cool, and proper airflow location? Is my electrical power system properly optimized?

Airflow Optimization

When investing in mining, Airflow is of utmost importance. “Should I put it in an Air Con room?” “How should the fan be set up?” “Where should I put my mining rig?” “How much pressure should be in the room?” “Should the room have negative airflow or positive airflow?” “How much CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) should the room have?” “Would the room be too hot?” “Is my mining rig location AirFlow optimized?”

Electrical Systems Setup & Optimization

Electrical systems are the essence of a successful mining operation. Having one mining rig is one thing, it's a different ball game with multiple rigs. Is my wiring thick enough? How thick of a wire should we use? Will the current breaker system be overloaded? Will there be a power outage? What happens when there is a power outage? Will the power system cause a fire hazard? Is my transformer powerful enough for my mining equipment?

Rig Monitoring Maintenance & Repair

Investors are busy people. We handle the monitoring of the hash rate, and check daily or every several hours, so as to make sure the rig is mining all the time. Some Investors who choose the option Buy/Sell outright, have left their rig not mining over several weeks, due to non-consistent monitoring. We do this for our Investors. We track every day, and every several hours and fix the issue immediately. Either it is as simple as a reboot, or doing dust cleaning every 1-2 weeks, or etc.

What We Do

Passive Mining
All-in-one Mining Solutions

  • Review and select the most profitable & quality GPUs suitable to your budget

  • Place your mining assets in the Professional mining farm with 24/7 monitoring and prompt engineers to fix your assets

  • Payout estimated 17-25% ROI/Year direct to your wallet monthly *

  • Resell your rigs with satisfied price

Mining Rig

Mining Asset
(Buy/Sell option for GPU mining rig)

Mining Farm Design
and Turnkey Solution

Blockchain & Mining Education

Green Mining

bringing top of the line experiences

Our Team



Chief Executive Officer

Tony is the enthusiastic owner of a powder coating factory for electronic parts. A director of a Construction Company, and also import/export recycled plastics with PCLs in Thailand.Strong foundation in crypto mining and direct connections with GPU manufacturers in China & Taiwan.



Chief Marketing Officer

Mint brings over 10 years of experience in Marketing & Advertising firms.She specializes in digital and performance marketing.She usually measures and analyzes the ROI of her clients’ respective marketing investments.



Chief Mining Officer

Mark is specialized in HVAC design and construction. (Heating, Ventilation,
Air Conditioning).
He specializes in dust-free and positive pressure air flow projects for AkzoNobel Coating Lab. Air flow, Air circulation, humidity control, and temperature control.




Than has an extensive background in engineering and software development.He has worked and was involved with numerous financial technology and blockchain-related companies, including licensed operators, DeFi, and NFT projects in various capacities.

What we have in store

Our Roadmap

Q1 2022

Partnership with Nvidia’s Representatives.

Q2 2022

With world-class exchanges and asset management firms.

Q3 2022

Migrating to a sustainable mining farm.

Q4 2022

Opening branches in the United States, Laos, and more.

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